Musicians Losing Their Shit on Stage

Touring is a pain in the ass. You’re stuck in a van or bus with the same smelly people, day in/day out. You have to do your job every single night in front of a whole room full of people, even when you’re sick, tired, hungover, or just generally don’t feel like it. And on top of that, you also have to deal with every dickhead heckler, comedian, and amateur videographer in the audience. It’s enough to make anyone crack. Just ask Justin Bieber. Or Billy Corgan. Or Billy Corgan again. So naturally, once in a while, you’re gonna have an off night on stage. Here is a list of musicians having off nights…

Garbage LIVE Shirley
Michael Jackon gets
Nickelback sucking i
Pearl Jam - Go (Mans
Green Days Billie J
Ben Weasel gets in a
Axl Rose smashes mic
Josh Hommes outburs
Notorious B.I.G. thr
Dave Grohl (Foo Figh
Kris Roe from The At
Rat from Discharge h
Billy Joel Goes Craz
Aaron Lewis Rockfest
Courtney Love insult

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